The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a statutory body established under the National Council for Technical Education Act, Cap. 129 to oversee and coordinate the provision of technical education and training in Tanzania. The Act requires training providers to be registered, accredited and have their curricula approved by the Council prior to offering any programme.


The Council regularly conducts academic quality audit to technical institutions to assess their compliance with NACTE academic quality standards in delivering the training programmes. As per Registration and Accreditation Regulations of 2001, non-compliance with any NACTE requirement is an offence. The regulations stipulate the actions to be taken for each offence. Based on findings of the audit, the Council is empowered to take actions against non-compliant institutions.


The Council is hereby informing the public that the academic audit exercise conducted from July to September 2017 involved 458 registered technical institutions (including 112 teachers colleges and 7 institutions which were not operational), out of which 426 met the minimum acceptable standards while 32 were found to have deficiencies. The Council has taken various actions against the 32 technical institutions with deficiencies as follows:


1.0         De-registration


The Council has cancelled the granted Certificates to 20 technical institutions, which have failed to observe the conditions imposed on the Certificate of Registration. This decision is made pursuant to Regulation 20 of the Registration of Technical Institutions Regulations, 2001 (GN 279 of 26/10/2001). Technical institutions that have been de-registered are as listed in Table 1. The Council has already officially informed these technical institutions to ensure that students admitted in various programmes approved by the Council are transferred to other registered technical institutions offering similar approved programmes.


Table 1: De-registered Technical Institutions



  • Covenant College of Business Studies – Dar es Salaam


  • Mugerezi Spatial Technology College – Dar es Salaam


  • Techno Brain – Dar es Salaam


  • DACICO Institute of Business and Management – Sumbawanga




5 Arusha Institute of Technology – Arusha
6 Lisbon Business College – Dar es Salaam
7 PCTL Training Institute – Dar es Salaam
8 Royal College of Tanzania – Dar es Salaam
9 Iringa RETCO Business College – Iringa
10 Highlands Health Institute – Njombe
11 East African Institute of Entrepreneurship and Financial Management (EAIEFM) – Arusha
12 Musoma Utalii College – Shinyanga
13 Mlimani School of Professional Studies – Dar es Salaam
14 Dinobb Institute of Science and Business Technology – Mbeya
15 Institute of Social Work – Mbeya
16 Regency School of Hygiene – Dar es Salaam
17 St. Peters College of Health Sciences – Dar es Salaam
18 Genesis Institute of Social Sciences – Dar es Salaam
19 Institute of Management and Information Technology – Dar es Salaam
20 Boston City Campus of Business College – Dar es Salaam


2.0 Technical Institutions Stopped to Offer Unapproved Programmes


Technical institutions are required to seek for approval of the Council prior to offering any programme. This approval entails validation of curriculum for the intended programme and recognition of a department earmarked to offer that programme.


The Council has stopped three (3) technical institutions to offer unapproved programmes as listed in Table 2. Students admitted into un-approved programmes but having required minimum entry requirements for the programmes are directed/ advised to apply for admission into technical institutions offering programmes approved by the Council.


This decision is made pursuant to Regulation 22 (1) of the Registration of Technical Institutions Regulations, 2001 (GN 279 of 26/10/2001).



Table 2: Technical Institutions with Stopped Programmes


  SN     Name of Institution     Programmes Stopped
1     Quality Development College – Masasi   Medical Attendant
2     St. Glory Nursing School – Dar es Salaam   Medical Attendant and Medical Laboratory
3     Lake Victoria Disability Medical Training   Nursing and Midwifery
    Centre – Mwanza    


3.0 Technical Institutions Stopped to Admit New Students


The Council has directed Nine (9) Technical institutions listed in Table 3 to stop admitting new students in academic year 2018/2019. However, existing students admitted into approved programmes currently offered by these technical institutions are allowed to continue with training and complete their studies in the same technical institutions. This decision is made pursuant to Regulation 22 (1) of the Registration of Technical Institutions Regulations, 2001.





Table 3: Institutions Stopped to Admit New Students

  SN     Name of Institutions  
1   Montfort Business College – Dar es Salaam
2   Institute for Environment and Development Sustainability – Dar es Salaam
3   Songea Clinical Assistant Training Centre – Songea
4   Institute of Continuing and Professional Studies – Zanzibar
5   Tanzania Institute for Trade and Investment – Dar es Salaam
6   Institute of Research and Innovation Zanzibar – Zanzibar
7   Silva Business and Management – Dar es Salaam
8   Mbeya Polytechnic College –Tukuyu Campus
9   Earth Science Institute of Shinyanga – Shinyanga







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